"Stay" now available!

Been a while since I've updated this blog (though, to be fair, I haven't had much to share). But I've been working on quite a few different projects and this is the first that I've been able to finally complete. I've been working on the instrumental for this cover of Stay by Zedd and Alessia Cara for a while and was fortunate enough to have found Spencer Tucker to collaborate with on this to finish it up. Spencer mostly does EDM style music but from his example work and the test he sent me, I knew he was the perfect one to work with and hope to do so again. He did the vocals for this as well as the final mastering.

The song is available now on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, and Deezer. I didn't have a video ready for this release but I'm working on putting one together. The single also includes the instrumental track if you wish to use it for your own vocal covers on YouTube (be sure to send them to me so I can check them out!). The multitracks are available for Patreon supporters at the top tier (except for the vocals).

For Chester Bennington...

I am devastated to hear about Chester Bennington's passing. To say that Linkin Park has been a big influence for me is a huge understatement. From my YouTube beginnings with Linkin Park mashups, to my original music which has obvious LP influence, and the tone of my cover songs, you could tell how much of that inspiration came from the band. They were the first real band I saw live in concert. I've met a lot of people online through their community. The other day I even told one of those friends who met her husband through the community that maybe one day she would be bringing their child to see them in concert when she's old enough. I still listen to them on repeat sometimes. And I still buy their albums. They have been what's got me through really, really bad days and have not just influenced my music, but my life. I will miss him.