Storms Instrumental (and Other Updates)

Sorry I haven't been properly updating you all on this site. Been preoccupied with things lately. Not that that's an excuse, I know. I've done a few things since my last post here, but it's late and I'm trying to wrap this up quick so I apologize if this is brief.

Storms Instrumental

In case you missed it on YouTube and everywhere else, I released a new song. It's the latest instrumental version of my song, Storms. I really want to get a full song done but I'm still looking for a singer to do the vocals. You can download the song now!

Upcoming Music

I am working on some things. Again, a lot of which requires vocal collaboration with others so a lot of the work on my end is done and I'm just sitting here waiting (insert 90's Spider-Man meme here). But there are a couple covers (click here to listen to my work in progress preview for a Turn Down for What cover) and I think my next thing I'll work on is another original song that I've been meaning to update. The song in question has never been officially released before so that will be fun. I also want to finally release my song Dream, which I'm going to remaster a bit before I do that. I also have some things to say about mashps, which I'll get into another day, but you can read the simplified explanation on my mashups blog which I just retired.

Oh, and most importantly, more of my instrumental rock covers from YouTube are going to be released on Loudr sometime later this month! So I'll be sure to update you all when that happens.

Gaming Videos

I'll likely be making a similar update on the gaming side of this site later, but I've been uploading past Twitch streams to YouTube lately, since I'm really behind on doing that. There's also a lot of captured content I've recorded and need to edit so I can hopefully upload all that soon.

This Website

There's some changes I want to make to this site but I doubt I'll get to them any time soon. As it stands, this site still works and is functional so I'm not in a big hurry for that. I've actually just finished doing a few touch-ups to hopefully simplify a few things. I've also recently noticed there was a misleading dating ad on this site which in itself has nothing to do with any other content on this site, so I'm going to need to go through my ad filters at some point. A reminder if you do see anything on my site that you have a problem with, or if something's not working right, you can always contact me about that.

There's probably other things I'm forgetting to talk about, but I'm realizing this isn't as brief as I thought it was going to be, so I will just say good night for now and hopefully I will have new stuff for you sooner than later!