Ads Now On Site

Note: Due to issues with transferring the blog, this post made on March 31, 2015 had to be remade.

This isn't really a major update, but I if you've seen this site when I launched it, you'll notice there are now advertisements across the site. I imagine this will be a bit annoying to some. Bear in mind that the previous iteration of this site contained advertisements. As I've mentioned previously, this website has been moved from a free host (Blogger), to a paid one (SquareSpace), so I need to have some sort of compensation I can use towards the payment of this site. If you wish to further support me, please consider buying one of my original songs or cover songs. I'm also looking into other support options in the future. If you'd rather not support me, you can get a great free ad blocker for your browser here. If you're having issues displaying this site because of the ads, or if the ads are not displaying properly or becoming obtrusive, please let me know in the comments.