Taylor Swift - Bad Blood (Exclusive Pre-Release Video)

I just submitted my instrumental cover of Bad Blood by Taylor Swift to Loudr (which you can listen to on SoundCloud right now!). It takes some time for my covers to be reviewed and available for download, but I had two videos planned on YouTube for when it becomes available. The first one is the instrumental cover, which will be up when the song is on Loudr. The second one was the instrumental with the official vocal track from the remix with Kendrick Lamar but as soon as I uploaded it, it was immediately detected with Google's song matching and blocked worldwide. So, as a test, I'm making it available through Vimeo as an early viewing before the video and song is available. Enjoy!

(note that there is no annotations or descriptions for links as this was made to promote the song during release through YouTube and I have not edited it from the original for promotion on Vimeo)