Taylor Swift - Out of the Woods (Pop Punk Cover)

Holy hell! This was a fun cover to make to kick off the new year! Saw this was Taylor Swift's new video and I absolutely love this song. It's my favorite song off her album. So I obviously had to make a cover! This was the fastest I was able to get a cover done, too! The instrumental took me two full days of tirelessly working away at it. Luckily, I was also in the middle of chatting with someone on Reddit who was interesting in collaborating so this was timed so perfectly! You can check out Matt's band Your Best Intent on YouTube, Facebook, and BandCamp! You can also check out both the full cover and instrumental to our cover below and download the instrumental right now on Loudr! The full song will be available soon and both will be available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, and Spotify. All those links will be available in the description of the respective videos as soon as they're available. What do you think of the cover? What should Matt and I work on next? Let me know in the comments!