Yeah! Remastered! + Song Release & Patreon Changes!

Keeping this short because I've been short on time posting this and I'm extremely tired posting this.

I've decided to remaster my instrumental cover of Yeah! by Usher. I always though I could make it better and an opportunity came along to do so. Because I've rushed to make this, downloads are not yet available but should be soon. I'm also going to be releasing a full cover as a collaboration with someone else which will be announced later.

I also want to mention that, because Loudr is no longer offering a storefront or distributing cover songs, I am now using another service to release my music (in association with Loudr), but may switch to something else entirely that fits my needs. As such, you may see my music disappear and be re-released for a short period at some point. My multitracks are also now only available on Patreon from now on because of this. I've just made changes to my Patreon, too, which you can read about here.