Important Announcement About Music and YouTube Videos

Last night, I recorded some announcement videos for both my music and gaming channel, but I guess I got too caught up in what was happening that I rambled on for half an hour each. I wasn't going to edit those videos but I'm going to have to get the point across better. While I'm working on that, I figured a blog would be the best thing for now.

Long story short, the drive where I store... well, pretty much everything has been erased. This includes music projects with the original project files, uncompressed finished tracks, multitracks (which I was planning on releasing soon), original compositions, gaming videos such as Let's Plays, Twitch stream archives, YouTube and other video files with the original Adobe Premiere project files, and a whole lot more.

How did this happen? Well, I'm still taking this all in and retracing my steps, but I've come to the conclusion that I messed up somewhere in transferring data to a new PC build. Honestly, it doesn't really matter how it happened. It's already been done.

Why didn't I back up everything? Well, funny enough, I knew this was something that was going to be an issue down the road so I recently got a new drive to make a backup with. This happened right before I plugged everything in and was ready to start securing my work.

Do I have any backups? Yes and no. The blunt of it was on that drive. All the important stuff that I need to reference. There's some archived duplicates of master tracks, as well as a majority of my original guitar recordings, but those are not as useful and necessary as the files I lost.

Is there any way to recover it all? I'm trying my best at this moment. I paid for a license for EaseUS to recover whatever I can but the files coming up so far are not the ones I need and I'm worried all those files that are the most important were ones that were written over and lost forever.

What does this mean for my YouTube channels? Well, let's start with gaming because it's the simplest answer. I had a lot of videos I was going to be editing and releasing. A lot of these were GTA V Let's Plays I made with friends that I was really looking forward to releasing. Some are old archived videos I never released that I was hoping to go through. Unfortunately, all those are gone and I have almost nothing to work with for my gaming channel anymore. I do have Game Glitches and Montage clips to use thanks to the Xbox One Game DVR, but that's about it. So going forward, the plan is to just return to streaming and hopefully just focus on new videos.

For my music it's a lot more complicated. I was planning on working on a new cover and use that as a final song to release the "Uncertain Sound Covers: Vol. 2" compilation. Without the original master tracks, I can't upload them for the compilation. And for any collaborations who will add vocals to the song, I don't have the original master files to mix the song properly for a new release. The sad part is that I have been in the middle of talks with people with collaborations on those songs.

So how do I resolve this? Well, I'm still trying to figure all that out but I think what I might plan to do is actually remake every single one of those songs and release it as it's own compilation album I'm thinking of titling "Recovered". So any songs I'm not able to restore that I'll have to remake will be remastered in a sense for that release. I know there's a lot of questions that will follow such as "will I have to repurchase the same song I already paid for" and if I will be making another video for a song I've already made a video for (or two, in the case of instrumentals). Honestly, I don't have solid answers at this time but I will be looking at what's fair for everyone and will be taking your suggestions to heart.

Lastly, this means a dramatic slowdown of content. Granted, I will now have to work twice as hard now, but this has been a huge setback for me and it will take me a long time to recover from this. Most importantly, the original album I was planning to release will have to be on hold as I will have to recreate everything I've been working on for years. For potential new Patreon supporters, I apologize that I no longer have any content to reward you with and no multitracks to offer at this time. So far, I have reached out to everyone I have been in contact with about collaborating and everyone has been incredibly understanding and supportive and I'm really grateful to have met these people through YouTube and around the web (and they're people from all over the world). And to the increase of viewers and subscribers lately, you are exactly the momentum and inspiration I need to keep going and move past this and not just give up. I cannot thank you guys enough!

Once again, I've learned my lesson and depending on what I can recover, I will have the proper backups in place in case this happens again. If anyone knows any good recovery tools beyond EaseUS, please let me know!