Slight Website Changes

Decided to change a couple things on this site and I will continue to make some other changes soon.

For what's changed now, it's just navigation.

  • "SoundScape" blog removed. It will be moving to Tumblr soon when I have the chance to focus on it. For now, I'm sharing new music I like on Facebook.
  • "Blogs" drop-down changed to just the main Blog page (the one you're reading).
  • "Gaming" moved from "Other Projects" to it's own "Gaming" drop-down menu.
  • "Gaming Blog" moved to "Gaming" drop-down as "Blog".
  • Twitch and YouTube Gaming links under "Gaming" drop-down"

I will be trying to push gaming as a bigger focus as soon as I'm able to get back to production on that. The main page will be changing to remove the Twitch video/chat and just explain more about my gaming videos and live streams.

Other changes will be coming to this site, too. I'll be working on a proper portfolio page, some slight design changes, eventually adding a "Podcasts" section, cleaning up the "Mashups" section in "Other Projects" (this does NOT mean I'm working on new mashups), and I may be adding a new contact email since I've been having issues with my current mail host.

If you have comments or suggestions on changes you'd like to see to this site, let me know by leaving a comment.