Hello Multitracks Now on Patreon!

The first of many multitracks are now available! I had to start with the most requested song.

Click here to get the multitracks for my Hello instrumental rock cover on Patreon!

You MUST be a Patron donating $10 or more. You will only be charged when I post my next full or instrumental release. You WILL NOT be charged per multitrack. You will actually have access to ALL multitracks (when available) just by being in the $10+ reward tier. You can also set a limit for how much you're able to donate a month so you will never go over $10/month unless you set it otherwise. Multitracks will also be available on Loudr soon but due to licensing, you will be better off donating on Patreon. The release for Hello, for example, will end up being $8 as an album release and each other multitrack album will vary in price. If you're looking at getting more than one album, the better option will be through Patron so that $10 will get you ALL my available multitracks. From there, if you want, you can drop down to a lower tier and go back up to $10 when more multitracks are available that you're looking to access.

As a reminder, because of my recent data loss, some tracks WILL NOT be getting a multitrack release until I'm able to remake them. These include Rolling in the Deep, Happy, The Fox, Bad Blood, and Fight Song.

If you have any questions or want to suggest a multitrack album to be available next, leave it in the comments below!