New Store!

This has been a while coming, but I finally have a new store! I switched all my designs over from Zazzle to Spreadshirt. Why did I get a new store? There's a few reasons.

Website Embedding

This was something Zazzle did not have an option for. It was fine because I just made a link redirecting to the official store, but with Spreadshirt it's a lot easier to just embed the shop directly on the website so you don't have to leave the site altogether to buy a shirt. Also, I don't need to tell people to go to an external URL. Now, you just need to go to!


Zazzle was great. It offered a ton of products and had a pretty robust design tool. Not only that, but they had deals just about every day. In reality, everything they had was more expensive than I (or my fans, as I've been told a few times) would have liked. Spreadshirt's products are much more affordable with shirts in the new store as low as $14.

Beyond that, there were a few things here and there. Mostly, I had some issues with the last batch of designs and the design tool on Zazzle. It was giving me a lot of problems. The unfortunate thing is Spreadshirt is still missing quite a bit in comparison to Zazzle. They don't have nearly the amount of products Zazzle offers (especially accessories) and there's not as many options for designing. At the end of the day, I was looking at what was best for the site and any fans and what I had to offer and Spreadshirt had more pros than cons.

Keep in mind, styling changes from Spreadshirt to this site seem to take a long time to implement, so the page may be a bit hard to use at times when imperfect blend of colors, but it should be good to shop now. My Zazzle shop will be closed and this will be my new official store. If you like my content and want to support it, consider grabbing a shirt. If you have suggestions for items in the store, let me know in the comments!