New Secondary Music Channel Launched!

I just launched a new music channel along with a demo for an upcoming cover.

Why the second channel? Usually I'm working on new stuff I want to share but is still not complete. There's also other kinds of videos I want to put up but find they don't fit on my main channel. So I'm using this channel for demos, previews, behind the scenes videos, alternate mixes, and other things I don't feel would belong on my main channel.

I've actually registered the URL for this channel a long time ago anticipating I'll be doing this. And now that I'm on Patreon, this is another reason to use this channel. There's actually another video on the channel right now. It's an earlier version of my Live for the Night cover that I made private and only shared to my Patreon feed. I plan to do this more and share exclusive videos that are found on the channel only accessible to Patreon supporters who get the link. So if you're looking for more content from me and be able to directly affect the release of upcoming songs by providing feedback before it's released, this is the best way to do that!

I also want to note that this particular version of Pillowtalk that I'm putting up for preview is in a higher key than the original. I'm making two versions of this cover. One will be for a collaboration with someone else on their channel (I'll announce it when it's available), and another version in the original key on my channel that will serve as my "official" cover, released on iTunes, Spotify, and the other usual places. This version in the higher key will be available for Patreon supporters at $1+ level along with the multitracks after the collab video is released (you won't be charged for that release, but you'll need to be a Patron to access the download link).

Just a reminder that my main channel for official music and vlogs is This new channel is Make sure to subscribe to both!