Some slight changes to my website

You'll notice some minor changes on this site. First of all, "About" and "Blog" in the top navigation menu have moved to a drop-down on the "Music" tab, in a similar layout that I have for my "Gaming" tab. I'll also be adding an "FAQ" page and include a table on the "about" page to list all my PC specs as well as equipment and software I use in relation to my music, just like I have on my gaming page.

I've decided to simplify things for new visitors who are looking for information specifically for music or gaming. You'll also notice that "Other Projects" is gone. The links and pages still exist, but they will be moved elsewhere to a single location. All the projects from that list are no longer active (aside from YouTube Cover Songs) so I didn't really want to put a huge focus on them.

The other big thing is the fixed video background on my home page. SquareSpace (which hosts this website) added that functionality recently which makes it easier to promote new videos. Previously, I was using a third party option to emulate that feature but it was causing problems loading and did not work well with mobile. This update should fix all that.

I'm looking into more ways to improve my website so it can be the perfect one-stop page for fans to check out new content I release so if you have suggestions or notice any issues I should be aware of, let me know!