New EP, "Foundations"

This was kind of put together at the last minute, but I have a new EP out now! For the past few years, there's original songs I've been working on and making demos for. While I wasn't able to find everything I had been working on at a lossless quality since the big data loss from my primary and backup drive a while back, I was able to obtain a few things after searching through my recovered and cloud files yesterday with spare time I had and decided rather than "remaster" or remake them in anyway, to just release them.

This idea to do this actually came to me after two separate people have reached out to me on YouTube regarding original music I had but never truly released. It feels strange to me that people are asking to use original demos for short videos or covers, but I wanted to have an official release to source the material to now that it's become a reality. This is a collection of a few songs I have teased or shown off in some way, primarily on YouTube, but never made an official release for aside from "Snowfall", which I decided to re-release with this EP.

I didn't want this to be a Patreon release because it didn't feel right. I didn't go through my usual production process like I do with my covers, they aren't technically "final" since they're just demos, and I didn't plan a proper release or music video for them. They've just been existing for me to reference and then eventually get to working on sometime later when I have time. So instead, I just put everything together quickly and pulled the trigger to put them out at once.

It's available now on Bandcamp and will soon be on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, and Deezer. The version on Bandcamp is available for free if you want it, or you can set your own price. It also has a 5th bonus acoustic track that won't be on the other services. All these songs will get a final treatment at some point in the future.

The Weeknd - Starboy (Instrumental Rock Cover Demo)

Here's the latest demo for my next cover for Starboy (there's some delays releasing Closer, which I'm currently editing a vlog about right now). I've been working on this one for a while and the person I'm working with on this one is very active on YouTube so I don't expect there will be any hiccups when it's finally ready for release. I'm just looking for some final feedback on this one before it's ready to go, so let me know what you think!