And so it begins...

Welcome to my new blog! Why did I make a new blog? I felt like how my internet presence for my aliases have been spread out across too many websites when updating for followers (ie, my music updates always being on MySpace or Facebook, my ReGeneration updates being on DeviantArt, etc) and thought instead of having to update all these blogs and websites and redirecting people all over the place, I'd rather just put it all into one convenient site where not only could I provide links and information on all the projects I'm working on but at the same time talk about those projects and update people on what I'm doing with them.

That's where this blog comes on. All updates I have on my music, Dead Night Sky, ReGeneration, and other future things I will talk about here. I also expect to sometimes break away from that and just post random things sometimes, as is my nature. I'm a big gamer so I bet there will be games or events I'll be talking about here. I also like to share music and may do so on this blog. Speaking of, as in previous blogs I attempted "series" for posts, meaning reoccurring themed posts with the same tag I put out on a regular basis. I may or may not post about music I want to share on a specific day of the week, or maybe I'll try to reignite an "FAQ" series thought I may just make a page to do that and answer as I get them (I may make a formspringme account for that). I haven't really decided what I'm going to do yet.

This post is just to get things started to introduce you to it. I just made this and I will likely be making more changes to it as I go along but I feel I got the basics on here already that you can check out. On the right (for now, I may change things up eventually...) you'll see a Twitter feed that sometimes works. This is a widget provided by Blogspot that sucks and I'll probably replace it with an official Twitter widget they provide on their site. I've become a pretty heavy Twitter user so I felt I should put it up here. Above that, after I post something with a label/tag based on that post, will be "Categories" (may end up changing the name). This will take you to posts that are specifically about that category (ie, "Music", "Dead Night Sky", "ReGeneration", "Gaming", etc) depending on what I decide to tag. On the top are tabs. "Music" gives you two options; Dead Night Sky and Uncertain Sound. Both bring you to pages with info on the projects, discography, and links to listen to more music. "Videos" show sample videos from the different YouTube channels I operate for Dead Night Sky, Uncertain Sound, and my own personal account. "ReGeneration" brings you to the ReGeneration blog which hasn't started yet because we are still working on it.

On the bottom you'll see options to share posts on multiple networks. I don't care about that, I care about who is able to comment. Right now everyone should be able to post a comment and you can do it either anonymously or using something like OpenID or Google. I also have things that you can based on what you think of the post, such as "cool" or "lame" to give me an idea of what you like to see on this blog. If there's anything else you like to see on here let me know. If you have any questions about anything I'll answer what I can. Hope this makes things easier for anyone following what I'm working on. I know it's going to be easier for me.