First time mashing up my own music.

Let's start this blog off talking about the future. Recently, I updated the volume (and quality) of a song of mine on MySpace called "Dream". Unfortunately, I clearly wasn't paying attention the volume of the bass in that song because it's loud enough to shatter headphones. So I'll be updating it again. I might make it available for download as a single track, but it's meant to go along with a full length CD (if I make it a CD...) that I will eventually make of similar sounding music. It's just something different I want to do.

Click to listen to "Dream"

As you know, I'm sort of addicted to making mashups especially with Linkin Park songs. Over the summer I collected the multitracks for the Linkin Park DLC tracks that where released in games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. One of those songs is Burning in the Skies which is a song that is 3/4 time for the verse and 4/4 time for the chorus. It's hard enough finding a good 3/4 song to mix let alone one that changes time signatures to match this song. Luckily, my song is in 3/4 time but doesn't change to 4/4. So I started just messing around seeing how it sounds and it's decent enough. The problem is, while I like it... I don't think it's at the caliber of my other mashups so it will be another "Forgotten Mashup", which is fine because I'd rather not release this song until I know it's done. But I hope you find the mashup interesting...

Sorry, I know I just built up to it but I don't have that mashup for you today. I'm going to wait until "7emix" is done so you'll have to wait.