A history on how ReGeneration started

I was actually going to make this post about why it's taking so long to finish ReGeneration, but I thought before I do that I should talk about how it began.

One day during the summer (that would be the summer 2008) I had an idea: what would happen to the world if the technology existed to bring people back to life after they died. I went through certain scenarios in my head and I eventually got to the point where I started to think about a story based on this idea and thought it might make a cool book that I would probably read.

So flash forward a few months to a high school communications technology class where there was a group project about developing a TV show pitch for a TV network for 3 seasons. That's where I say "Hey guys, I kind of have this idea. What do you think?" I wasn't expecting a unanimous response to it. So these great group of classmates helped turn my idea into a cool story and we got a damn good mark and praise from our teacher and new principle (or was it vice principle? Can't remember...) who just came by and wanted to sit in for the presentation. I ended up liking what we made so much I was talking to a few of the guys about if there was a way we could actually make the story for people and see where it goes. I got two "yes"s and one "no". Unfortunately, I sort of got out of contact with one of those guys, but the other one, Jesse, has been helping with it since.

Initially, I wanted to see this story turn into a web comic and I thought it would be easy getting people to help me because I know a lot of talented artistic people. What I was not expecting was this exact same conversation every time I brought this up:

Me: "Wow, I really like your artwork."
Person: "Thanks!"
Me: "Can do any comic book-style stuff?"
Person: "Oh, hell no. I suck at comic book stuff."

Seriously, every single person I asked had this exact same conversation with me. So slowly losing hope on the idea, I just thought the easiest and cheapest way we could do this and put it online would be to put it in a blog or something. So I began writing and asking Jesse for ideas and help with stuff. Then I realized, I can't write worth crap. I need an actual writer.

This is where my cousin Adam comes in. He told me that he writes and he would like to take a crack at turning what I had into a readable story. What he sent me I was blown away with and instantly asked him if he could write for the series all the way through and he agreed. I don't think anyone likes the story as much as Adam because he's always telling me how great it is and even wants to try and pitch it to a TV network, just like that class I had where we originally developed the story.

So why has it taken over a year to make? I'll get into that for the next blog. But I would like to say that because of time issues, the amount of detail Adam put into the first chapter will end up being dumbed down a bit as we decided to change the writing format of the story that's easier for us to work with and for people to read. There are a lot more factors into why there is a time issue with this project but we're getting close to finishing it so we're all excited to see where all this work we put into it gets us. Our plan is to release each chapter as 3 parts, where we put out a new part each week for 10 chapters (30 weeks) and that will be "Volume 1". Don't worry, each "part" will be quite lengthy so you'll get a good amount of content each week. I have plans for the story for 3 Volumes and maybe more, depending on the feedback and amount of readers we get. Keep watching this blog for more updates on ReGeneration!

Next update: The reason why ReGeneration is taking this long...