LPM: Revised Track List

LPM: Revised Cover
For those of you who don't know, "LPM: Revised" will be the longest mashup set featured revisions to old mashups I've made. I'm referring specifically to songs from "LPMashup" and "LPMashup 2". Those I made in 2006 and 2009 respectively, and although I love the tracks and they're some of my favourites, there's little things that have been bugging me about them for a long time. First of all, two of the songs from LPM I used remixes when I would have preferred to use the original tracks because those were the only instrumentals available at the time. Now, those instrumentals exist and I thought it presented an opportunity to finally make those mixes I wanted to make over 5 years ago. The other thing is, while I tend to stay away from using the same song twice, I've always wondered how some songs would sound in reverse roles and I couldn't believe I never experimented with that idea until now. For example, how would the vocals for "In The End" sound on top of the music for "Where Is The Love"? It sounds amazing, by the way. I know you wouldn't expect it to. In fact, the "In the End" tracks on this compilation are my favourite mashups. There's also tracks that were made with low quality samples because that's all I could find at the time. Now I have those high quality songs so I can redo them. The final annoyance was the lack of cover art on my Zune when I listen to them. I had already released the sets and I figured it's too late to re-upload the same sets but include the album cover.

This set will essentially replace the first two I ever made because it will contain all those original songs; some in their original state, some remade. I decided I would try to have as much fun with this set as possible so I'm trying as many different mixes I can with the songs. I haven't completed the track list yet. There's at least 21 tracks I want to get done but there may be more if I decide to use some other previously used tracks with other songs, maybe even from "Back Again (Mashups 3)" ("New Divide", specifically). I can give you a brief list of the songs I've chose so far if you like, but it's pretty much an obvious list that won't matter until you hear it. But take a look anyways if you're excited for this set.

  1. Linkin Park vs. Kanye West [Original from LPM]
  2. Fort Minor vs. 50 Cent [Original from LPM]
  3. Fort Minor vs. 50 Cent (Part 2) ["Remember the Name" acapella, "Many Men" Instrumental]
  4. Fort Minor vs. The Verve ["Remember the Name" acapella, "Bittersweet Symphony" Instrumental]
  5. Linkin Park (Remix) vs. Black Eyed Peas [Original from LPM]
  6. Black Eyed Peas vs. Linkin Park ["Where Is The Love?" acapella, "In The End" instrumental]
  7. Linkin Park vs. Black Eyed Peas ["In The End" acapella, "Where Is The Love?" Instrumental"]
  8. Linkin Park vs. Linkin Park (Remix) ["In The End" acapella, "Enth E ND" Instrumental]
  9. Linkin Park (Remix) vs. Outkast [Either using the original or remaking it]
  10. Outkast vs. Linkin Park ["Roses" acapella, "Crawling" instrumental]
  11. Linkin Park vs. Outkast ["Crawling" acapella, "Roses" instrumental]
  12. Linkin Park vs. Usher [Original from LPM]
  13. Linkin Park (Remix) vs. Kanye West [Original from LPM2]
  14. Linkin Park vs. Rihanna (Revised) [Revised version of the original]
  15. Linkin Park vs. Beastie Boys (Revised) [Revised version of the original]
  16. Linkin Park vs. Beastie Boys (Part 2) ["Pushing Me Away" acapella, "Sure Shot" instrumental]
  17. Linkin Park vs. Disturbed [Original from LPM2]
  18. Linkin Park vs. Eminem (Revised) [Revised version of the original]
  19. Linkin Park vs. Eminem (Part 2) ["Somewhere I Belong" acapella, "Cleaning Out My Closet" instrumental]
  20. Linkin Park vs. Limp Bizkit (Revised) [Revised version of the original]
  21. Limp Bizkit (Remix) vs. Linkin Park ["Rollin' (Remix)" acapella, "One Step Closer" instrumental]
So there you have it. At least 21 tracks will be on this thing depending on if I want to do more and can think of certain mixes I can include. This is the longest set I've ever done but I really like the mixes and they're some of my most popular ones so I'm thinking people will enjoy this one. Leave comments, questions, and suggestions below or send me a tweet