On Valentine's Day, I will be sitting on my ass, glued to a screen, with sore hands...

No, not like that!

It was recently announced that a game I've been looking forward to since way before it was announced (I'm talking WAY before, pre-Xbox 360 launch... the first Xbox 360!) will be in stores February 14th, Valentine's Day. It was supposed to be released in January, but I'm sure extreme sports fans and gamers won't mind the month delay. I've been waiting for a GOOD snowboarding game to come out for the HD era since it began. I loved playing snowboarding games in the "console generation" preceding. The first game I got for GameCube was 1080° Avalanche. Even though it was a really short game with very few levels, I still played the hell out of it with local multiplayer. That was before Super Smash Bros. Melee and TimeSplitters: Future Perfect took over.

Watch the new "Survive It" Trailer!

I wouldn't say I'm a snowboarding fan or anything, but the sport has always interested me. Where I live there's not really any mountains. I lived in BC for about 6 months and went snowboarding once and loved it (even though I fell on my ass a lot and got snow everywhere, I was getting the hang of it and was having fun). I just love playing good snowboarding games and it's my favourite event during the Winter Olympics.

Me on a ski lift in BC, 2009
 Now when I say "good" snowboarding games... I mean I have not seen one since lest console generation. SSX defined it and has been gone since. I mean, I played On Tour for PSP that was pretty fun, but other than that I think I can list all the one's that's come out just of the top of my head; Amped 3 (terrible!), SSX Blur (for Wii), Stoked (which is alright but hard to get used to the controls), Shawn White Snowboarding (sucks!), and I think there's a Kinect game that's targeted towards kids which does not interest me. No, this will be the FIRST real snowboarding game for this generation that sets the bar for all others. This is the game I'm most excited for next year so I intend to play it to death. I will have my Xbox Live identity incorporated into this blog at some point so it will be easier for you to join me as well as other games if you like. More on that later, though.