Unexpected early release of "7emix"

Today I was really excited to finally show off my mashup "Outkast vs. Skrillex" because I love how it turned out and I worked pretty hard on it. That didn't happen. Usually when I upload a mashup I get a warning right away from YouTube telling me what label the content belongs to and the actions that said label wishes to take on my mashup. Usually it's nothing, sometimes my videos get blocked in Germany (Germany's copyright laws are messed up worse than the US), and very rarely the music get's blocked. This is one of those unfortunate rare moments. However, for some reason instead of blocking the video outright when I uploaded it weeks ago, they decided to block it when I put it up for public viewing. So that caught me completely off guard and I thought it wasn't fair to people expecting a new mashup each week. If it was blocked when I uploaded it I could have prepared for it. So I had to scramble to get other stuff ready. As a result, I decided to put up the last mashup in the set which you can watch below.

Listen to "Rihanna vs. Deadmau5" here!

Also, because I really wanted people to hear the "Outkast vs. Skrillex", probably my favourite song in the set, I decided to release "7emix" early.

Download "7emix" here!
Also as a bonus, I've also made this playlist on my personal YouTube account that includes all my mashups (except for videos from "Forgotten Mashups" and the two blocked mashups, "Fort Minor vs. 50 Cent" and "Outkast vs. Skrillex") so if you're not familiar with my mashup you can listen to them all in one play.

So I hope you enjoy my mashups. I made a LOT more than I thought I was going to make this year and I plan to make more, but for now I'm taking a break to focus on other things. I will have one more mashup that I will upload that I already told you about, and after that any videos I upload will likely be either original music, covers, or vlogs. The next mashup sets planned (probably for 2012 for all of them) are "LPM: Revised" which is a HUGE set of revised Linkin Park mashups from past sets that I'm already about half way through, "LPM8" which is the next Linkin Park-specific mashup set, "Mashups 9" (working title) which will be just a regular mashup set, and "X" which is a followup to the most recent set, "7emix" because I really enjoyed how it turned out and want to do another just like it. If you have any questions let me know and I might respond to them in a vlog!