I finally made a very sloppy discography page which I will later clean up. First up, you might wonder why it's not available as a dedicated tab. That's because I don't think people who come here are really that interested that it's the first thing they'll want to go to. But I still wanted to make it for reference. The path to find it on this blog is by clicking "Music", then "Uncertain Sound", and there will be a discography link on that page. Why didn't I just put it on the Uncertain Sound page? Because it would have made the page unnecessarily long for people who want to quickly find out something and not go in depth as to what music I've made.

Regarding Mashups

So first of all, those looking for track lists on my mashup sets I didn't include those. I didn't find them as important as my original music so I left them out. Instead, downloads to my already released mashups are available through the Uncertain Sound page. Future mashups, however, are included on the page so you know what's coming up. In the case of "LPM: Revised" I know what tracks I'll be working on so I included that list. For other sets like "LPM8", I never really know what's going to be on their until I start working on it so I leave them blank. Sometimes I'll finish an entire set within a week and start making videos to upload on YouTube. This isn't one of those times, though, because I'm usually busy but I have finished 3 tracks already. I don't want to start putting out a track list until I know the final result but I'll usually give hints on Facebook.

Music for Dead Night Sky

Considering Dead Night Sky is not a band and we do not create music together in a typical band fashion, I thought listing my contribution to the group is essential when talking about discography. So the first thing you'll see is my work for Dead Night Sky which right now is just the Wicked Pickles! Instrumental EP. In future releases I also have listed the Time EP. I'm considering putting together a Dead Night Sky website and if there's a music or discography page for it you will likely see it separated into categories by individual members. So far I'm the only one who has released something for Dead Night Sky but other members have worked on at least one song for the group where there is a preview available online. 

Original Music

I have yet to release something under my name other than mashups but I do plan to. So in future releases you'll see I have two project I'll be working on for Uncertain Sound; "Foundations: Volume 1" (an EP similar in style to Wicked Pickles), and "Insomnia" (a new project that's different from what I've usually done). A the bottom of the page you'll find a complete list of my music and a list of links of where you listen, preview, and/or download that song. 

If you have any questions regarding my music or discography ask in the comments below or let me know via Facebook or Twitter!