FAQ: ReGeneration Part 1

I'm actually transferring these questions over from my DeviantArt and answering them again.

Q: "Who writes the story?"

 For the most part the writing is done by myself and Adam. I make up the story with help from Adam and Jesse and write the dialogue or explain what's happening in that chapter. Adam then takes that and writes it more like a story. Actually, he wrote the first two chapters like a novel but we decided to make it more like a script as it's easier for us to write and we think is the more preferable method.

Q: "Who does the art?"

We don't have an official artist. We want this story to be very art-heavy because originally I wanted it to be a graphic novel. However, every artist I know that I asked have told me they are not in their comfort zone when making comic book-style art. So we opted for a blog instead to tell the story. However, we originated in announcing this project over deviantArt so we will continue trying to pull from the art community to see what people make from this story and incorporate it in any way we can into the blog.

Art for the "Pod"  
Q: "Why not release it as a novel?"

We have discussed a novel in the past and we probably haven't ruled it out. We feel that we should get proper feedback on the story before trying to continue it through a novel. We want to make sure people think the story is good enough to want to buy first.

Q: "Why are the 'chapters' split into three 'parts'?"

Like I've said before, this story was developed as if for a TV series pitch for a high school assignment. That in mind, I know exactly how I want each "season" (or "volume") to start and end. There's also "episodes" ("chapters") that I picture in my head of where they should start and end. The end result after all that writing was an extremely long Microsoft Word document. We we determined the ideal length of a weekly post for reader and we thought that each chapter should be split into 3 parts, so you get a good chunk of the story each week but you're not reading forever.

Q: "Have you thought about pitching this as a TV series to a major network?"

Yes. We are discussing amongst ourselves but there's nothing to talk about at the moment.

Q: "When can we read it?"
At the pace we were going over the summer we thought we would have no problem releasing it by October but that proved a challenge when we all returned back to school and found ourselves with little free time to work on this. It has been delayed but there is no official date yet. However, we are nearing the end of our editing so it shouldn't be long.

Q: "Do you pay people to write the story?"

We do this all for free. This is something we like creating on our own free time. We may figure something out through advertisements, though they won't obstruct reading of the blog in any way.

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