SoundCloud and a Mash-up Contest


I have now uploaded a lot more mashups to my SoundCloud. The last 7 mashups are the ones this post is referring to and they all have the same album art for the time being. Those are the ones I'm considering entering into the contest.


I've been debating on getting a SoundCloud` account for a while because a lot of musicians are going that route now. For me, MySpace is still very reliable and useful so I think I'll stick with that for original exclusive music (except for when I upload videos to YouTube). I made a SoundCloud mainly because there's a monthly contest that Linkin Park fan site holds and this month it's all about mashups. I thought at first I'd sit back and enjoy what people make but I honestly haven't really seen anything that stands out for me that I've seen from regular mashup users on YouTube that I connect with, which is what I think I was expecting. So I decided to throw in some of my stuff into the ring and see what happens.

I couldn't decide on a single mashup, though, so I uploaded my top seven to see which gets the better feedback before I submit. Let me know which one you think is the best!

I'll add a SoundCloud button to this blog soon.