150+ Fans!

On ReverbNation, Dead Night Sky used to get the occasional new fan about every other month. Then a couple of weeks ago the fan count was starting to grow slightly. So I thought "Oh cool, but that's nothing out of the ordinary". Then we started to get like a new fan every day, then the other day we at at least 8 bands add us as fans. Now, it seams every time I check my email we have at least 1 new fan (I check my email a lot)! What started as a slow process at generating new listeners has growing dramatically almost instantly and I don't know why. I mean, ReverbNation provides stats that I could look at and analyze but the bottom line is we still have nothing really new except for the two demos I put up a while ago and our new video on YouTube, but we don't have any new YouTube followers.

So I don't know where this is coming from but we now have over 150 fans across ReverbNation, Facebook, and MySpace. It's putting a smile on my face and making want to work on the EP even more during the holiday break and I'm getting the notion that Pat and Haley also want to get this thing done as we're planning days we can try to record what we can. So at the moment in between making study notes and studying for my last few exams, I'm planning out backing tracks for the music I want to record and even got a new cable for my Microphone so I can hook it up to my PC for clear vocal and drum recordings. I'm also changing up the EP set list. It's not set in stone yet but this is what I'm thinking:

  1. A Part of Something / Regret
  2. White [Working Title]
  3. Questions
  4. Shadows of My Past
  5. Storms
  6. Snowfall
  7. Our Last Goodbye
You'll notice that more than what we had before and slightly different, if you saw the previous track list. White and Storms I was planning on putting on my own EP, "Foundations: Vol. 1", but I really like White and think we can create lyrics for it easily if we focus. Storms is on there because Pat really likes it and wants to record it. We have like two different ways of singing it and we want to record both and see what's better. Even though Our Last Goodbye is on of mine and Haley's favourite songs, I have a feeling it might get cut because we still don't have concrete lyrics for it and it's always changing. That and it has the most instruments. But if we pull it off, it should sound amazing.

Here's our ReverbNation songs below. Be sure to follow us there, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace, and Twitter for updates!