New Mashup + Contest Update

About a week ago, I was bored. So I made an entire mashup. Probably the fastest mashup I made. However, it sounded fucking awesome and I couldn't wait to share it. So I put it up on my new SoundCloud account as a preview for LPM8. Listen to it below and let me know what you think!

Linkin Park vs. Pendulum (EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW) by uncertainsound

I also shared this mashup on the discussion board for the LPAssociation Monthly Mix-Up contest where I had previously entered my "Linkin Park vs. Ozzy Osbourne" mashup for the contest. I asked if I should switch my submissions and I had overwhelming support for the new mashup. There's a lot users saying I'm in the running but this is a tough one because there are so many other great ones. Here are a few of my favourites. You can check the thread if you want to listen to more.

An Open Letter To Wretches And Kings - LPASSOCIATION.COM Monthly Mix-Up Entry by Attacking the Mind

Polly The Messenger 2 by luciano_ferreri

LPASSOCIATION.COM Monthly Mix-Up Entry: Imma Be vs Wretches And Kings by RCMixes

Black Eyed Peas vs. Linkin Park - Where Is The End by wtf_link

Haddaway vs. Linkin Park - What Is New Divide by wtf_link

Blestyashiye vs. Linkin Park - Flying by wtf_link

LPASSOCIATION.COM Monthly Mix-Up Entry: Queen vs. Linkin Park - I Want To Black Out by wtf_link

[MASHUP] Waiting For The Planes | LPASSOCIATION.COM Monthly Mix-Up Entry by DJ Intensity

Machine Gun by Dave Newton

DJ Sid - Numb Electro-Tribute MiX by Siddhant Mishra

Remember the Name (Orpheus in the Underworld Remix) by Glen Orpheus

LPASSOCIATION.COM Monthly Mix-Up Entry: Mikko — Numbed Desires by feelthless

There's also someone on the discussion board who wanted to hear a different interpretation of my "Linkin Park vs. 30 Seconds to Mars" mashup, so he created this preview altering the vocals to his liking which I thought was pretty cool. Check it out!

Preview Divide by Rosh360