You might notice there are now advertisements on this blog. These were not forced upon me, these are not used to pay for hosting or anything... these were my choice. I'm using Google AdSense to get money from advertisements. Granted, I get next to nothing but why not. We are considering doing this for ReGeneration to make at least a little money off our hard work. We did a survey and got a general consensus that nobody cares about advertising if it's not in the way of the main content. So I figured I probably wouldn't get backlash if I did this and I'm hoping I still don't. The ads are relatively small and contain text only so that you can see them but they won't obstruct you viewing anything important.

If you want to "help" me... first STOP! Don't try clicking a bunch of links rapidly or anything like that because it doesn't work that way and if anything I would get in trouble for it. I'm not saying I want you to avoid ads. These are Google ads so they're the same thing you see on other popular, legitimate websites and should be safe. Just like any other website, if you notice an advertisement that pertains to your interests and want to learn more you would click it. If that's the case here then by all means. If you ignore ads completely and have an ad blocker than this doesn't pertain to you, but for all others just treat my site like any other site and don't try to do me any favours or anything. I also have adsense enabled on my YouTube for original music and vlogs and it will likely be on ReGeneration. If you have a problem with the ads, I will only try to address your issue for this website. The other two will still have ads, but for this website I can try to work out something that everyone is happy with if that's the situation.

This is just an FYI for anyone who's thinking "WTF are with the sudden ads?".