Dead Night Sky music + website update

Just a quick update. I've now included a video player on the Dead Night Sky website which I think is pretty cool. You can select a couple of our music videos from YouTube to play directly on the website. On top of that we also have a link to download our Wicked Pickles! EP, a music player from ReverbNation, and Twitter feed from all our members (except Pat, but I'm trying to get him to make one).

Speaking of the ReverbNation player, I just uploaded with permission Ryan's then-untitled song "Humming" from his own and Dead Night Sky's MySpace. This is the first song on ReverbNation that isn't made by me. I'm trying to get updates from everyone and here's what I know so far...

As far as I know Pat isn't working on much but I'll be recording an acoustic demo of a song we've been working on since we made our failed side-project "Alive at Dawn". Ryan told me he'll be working on new music. I don't know if it's intended for Dead Night Sky to work on or if it's under his name but I'm excited regardless because I like his music. Haley doesn't really write or play music, but she writes lyrics and is one hell of a singer and she says she wants to start making new lyrics. As for me, I'll be trying to record my own EP but also trying to restart my work for the Time EP for Dead Night Sky. Speaking of Time, here's the cover art for that so far that Haley created.

Time EP cover for Dead Night Sky