Dead Night Sky Website

I recently created a website for Dead Night Sky. If you're looking at it thinking "...that's it?", I don't blame you. Because I rarely have time to do anything I want at the moment it would have been really difficult for me to create an elaborate website at this time. I also felt it was unnecessary for the group in it's current status. We have one digital EP and we're not big by any means. However, I did purchase the domain and didn't want to waste that purchase. I also figured since we have a bunch of pages all over the net it would be nice to have a single hub for it all. I also think I know what people are looking for when they want to look us up; music and updates. So I knew what I wanted to be up there for now. It has social media buttons at the top to redirect people, a link to our EP, a music player, and a twitter feed from all the members who currently have Twitter (I always use twitter, Ryan uses it occasionally, Haley never uses it, and Pat doesn't have one right now). I might also include a YouTube player since I'm trying to get more views and subscribers on that channel. Feedback is welcome. If you have suggestions for what you want out of the website I'd like to hear it.

Preview image of the website