Latest YouTube Videos (Week of January 9th)

Monday you saw the beginning of LPM8. I also said that once my YouTube Channel reaches 10,000 views I will start uploading videos from LPM: Revised. Well today that number has been passed so I released the first new mashup from that set.

Originally I had uploaded my second mashup ever to YouTube titled "Fort Minor vs. 50 Cent". That video got blocked right away on YouTube. Because I always see fort minor mashups online, and don't recall any "Many Men" mixes, I decided not to take a risk with my alternate "Fort Minor vs. 50 Cent (Part 2)" track from LPM: Revised (which you'll hear when it's available for download) that I would have uploaded at the same time. Instead, I just chose this one of the 3 variant mashups. I thought of this mix because "Many Men" and "Bittersweet Symphony" are a mashup on the album "Rock Phenomenon" by Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, Roc Raida, and DJ Vlad. So since I had made the Fort Minor vs. 50 Cent mixes and had a bittersweet symphony instrumental I thought I'd get good results from the mashup, and I was right. There's more of these to come and next time I upload something it will be 3 videos at once!

Next comes a video not from my channel, but Dead Night Sky's

Why does the video sound weird? There's a few factors I believe played a part of this unfortunate session take. Our first video turned out great with the same camera I used. This time, I took notice of a beam we have in the basement that was a good resting place for my camera and provided a perfect angle. I'm assuming that the beam was reverberating from the sound from the drums and guitar (the introduction was supposed to be a clean sound but turned out distorted on the video). Not only that, but last time I was using different amplifiers... two actually. We had rented them and they sounded amazing. One was on the right of the camera and I believe the other was in the back. This time we were using a very old Marshall amp, which still sounds great but have also contributed to the sound issues from the camera. So next time we'll have a backup sound recording source (my Sure mic) just in case things turn out bad again. I mean, you can still hear the song fine in the video, it's just not great.

I was going to have another video up today but considering that I've already put out 3 this week, I'll save it for next week. So make sure you check back Monday for a new mashup from LPM8!