There's 3 Facebook pages I admin, as you know. Uncertain Sound (my music), Dead Night Sky (group music), and ReGeneration (group story). Two of those pages I have had and promoted for over a year. Uncertain Sound and Dead Night Sky, respectively, are at 32 and 46. ReGeneration we made public a few weeks ago I want to say, where it only had 2 likes. After I added the staff to admin, got the Wiki up, and asked them to share it... the past couple of days it's shot up to 35, passing my page and getting close to Dead Night Sky. I know these numbers are not high but still, I find it kind of depressing that my page has been up for over a year and my music has been on the internet for many years before that (people are more friendly on MySpace...), and I've been releasing new content weekly and much more so than usual, and I'm still only at 32. Meanwhile, a page we just launched for a story we haven't released that people know next to nothing about has gone past that number in mere days. I'm both happy and embarrassed. I've embarrassed myself with my own accomplishments. I don't get how that works.

On lighter news, Dead Night Sky has officially surpassed 200 fans on ReverbNation, which counts fans from RN, MySpace, and Facebook for the total (I don't know why they don't include Twitter and YouTube, even though you can connect those accounts...). So with all these talks on numbers, I want to try and get them up so more. Here's some goals you can try to help me out with.

For My Music

Facebook Page to 50 (currently at 32)
MySpace to 300 (currently at 294)
YouTube to 50 subscribers (currently at 22)
Twitter to 100 followers (currently at 65)

For Dead Night Sky

Facebook Page to 50 (currently at 46)
ReverbNation to 400 (Currently at 203... we're getting new fans there a lot lately)
YouTube to 25 subscribers (we only have 2...)
MySpace to 100 (currently at 59)
Twitter to 25 (currently at 13)

Help me out promoting my music and getting those numbers up!

ps. I'm working on something new. It's a kind of collaboration with another local artist. More details on that soon...