Mashup Mondays are back! + ReGeneration News!

I actually wasn't planning on beginning this early but I've finished all the mashups for LPM8 including one I added about a day before and thought I better finish it up and start putting out the videos because I will likely become busy once again. I've also finished with LPM: Revised which I'm going to start uploading videos for when my channel reaches 10,000 views (190 more to go!). For now You can enjoy the first in another weekly set; Linkin Park vs. Jason Derulo.

In other news, we've added two new editors to ReGeneration and we're flying through editing now. We've set a date of February for the blog since the Wiki is done and a lot of the editing is done. After we're happy with the editing I just have to put up the chapters on the blog, format them, and set a time they get to be posted so I don't have to do it manually and it's a consistent time every week. It also has a legitimate website now, so there's no "blogspot" address. There's also an official Facebook page. Here's all the links if you wish to follow;