Mashup Mondays: LPM8 Part 2

It's Monday and that means a new mashup! Check it out below!

Linkin Park & Jay-Z vs. Eminem (Part 2)

Because LPM: Revised is going to be 22 tracks long, I also want to do simultaneous releases with LPM8 so that the wait for it doesn't have to be so long (actually, I might release it before all mashups are online but I might want to do fine tuning with a track or two). Since I released the first on a Friday I'll continue to do that but only on a few conditions. Because I'm starting to take other videos for other things it will depend if there's other videos I've uploaded. Most tracks I have from LPM: Revised I want to release in pairs (or even 4 at a time for one track) which means if I've already uploaded a mashup from LPM8 and/or a video for Dead Night Sky, my music, a vlog, or another video than I'll either release a mashup which only has one version (to which there are very few) or, likely in the event I ran out of those mashups, delay the next LPM: Revised track until there is a drought because that's too many videos in one week for me.

Also have a random question about this website for anyone to answer so don't be shy and feel free to comment. I was wondering whether I should put up ads on this website.

WOAH! Calm down! It's not like that. I know people can be freaked out about ads. I have a kind of rant defending ads actually, but I won't get into that now...

These ads would be Google AdSense ads. You know those "sponsored" or "suggested" links that show up on a Google Search or other website, even well-established news sites and other blogs, that you really just scroll over and barely notice half the time? That's what it would be like. It would also be either in the side bar or between posts so that it doesn't obstruct your view of the main content. There also WON'T be any pop-ups or any other annoying kind of ads, they're just simple links you see normally on regular websites.

You might be wondering what this is for... well stop wondering because it's just for money. I don't host the website, Google does. I pay $15 a year for the domain name but I don't mind doing that. It's just that I can so I thought I might as well should. I mean, if I have enough followers why not, right? Voice your opinions below (ps, comments saying I'm a "sellout" would only be listed in the "pros" column :P)

I'm going to look at creating a gaming page. Will show info about by Xbox Live stats (because, really, some games my friends just don't play and I need the achievements...) but I'm not really sure how I want it yet. Just something to look forward to if you want to start hopping in to my games.

That's all I have for you.