RANT: Come on, IGN!

Anybody following my pissed off rants knows I hate these excessive rumors of "next-gen" video game consoles. I won't go that into it, but this article really pisses me off.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love IGN. I visit their website all the time. Now, their parent corporation, News Corp, I fucking hate with a passion. News Corp owns news sources like Fox News, famously known for biased pieces, fear tactics, and having terrible sources never giving you facts. Is that my opinion? Yes. But it's no secret many people think this way. Now, I'm not saying IGN is as bad as Fox News, but read comments on many of their articles lately and you'll see "why is this 'news'?", "this is filled is spelling errors!", and so on. They're not exactly up there with the most professional game news websites. Besides all that, I still love em. But sometimes they show things that just get under my skin.

Sure, many websites keep posting about this mythical "Xbox 720". A rumor of an "Xbox 720" has been around for years. It's not new. There's always "close sources", but those sources are always just fucking with top name websites. So while these articles bug the hell out of me, I can understand why IGN writes them. When it seems they're writing new stuff about a made up story every day, it gets really annoying. When they turn to writing articles about how wrong a made up rumor is about a wrong feature that a made up console will have, a made up console that spawned from another made up rumor, it's like an Inception-style rumor spiral that just make the entire article nothing but lies. Nothing about it is real. The entire thing is written off fake information that can't be checked. Granted, they put "Opinion" in the title, something a lot of websites don't do, but the thing that ruins that point completely is it's the first featured story on their home page! This is terrible. This is wrong. This is unprofessional. This is Fox News. IGN, don't be Fox News. Cut the crap. There's plenty going on in the world of entertainment. Gaming news might be a little slow, but that's no excuse to write this garbage. That's my rant. Don't try to take it too seriously or be offended by it.