Discography Changes

I recently removed a lot of stuff from the Discography page, basically the LPM8 information and individual list of songs and where to listen to them. LPM8 is available for download now so that link is available on my Uncertain Sound music page but the individual song list was hard to keep up with as I often upload songs to multiple websites and forget to update the page every time. I actually want to have a better display for discography and songs but right now I don't want to put too much time into it when the important and basic stuff is there already. I have no releases under my own name yet because I usually like to finish things completely before I release them, but I never have time to do that so nothing ever gets done and when it is close to done I decide I want to redo it because I don't think it's good enough. That's the case with Time as well as a track list change. I don't know when I'll have time to work on that, but I do have one song complete, and that's Dream from my eventual full length "Insomnia". Dream has been around for a little while now and I might release it as a single as the first download, other than my mashups, to use the "Uncertain Sound" name. My previous original stuff was released under "Dead Night Sky". What do you think? Do you want a single? (yes, it would be free.)

ps. there's also a Dead Night Sky tab on this website to bring you straight to the Dead Night Sky website.