Latest YouTube Videos: Week of February 20th

As you probably know, this week saw the release of LPM8 which means that the last video of the set was finally put up on YouTube. This is actually the first mashup I made for the set and decided I wanted to make another Linkin Park mashup set after that. Here it is below.

Uncertain Sound

Linkin Park vs. Adele


This week I have something from one of my favourite YouTube users. The Gregory Brothers (a.k.a "Schmoyoho") are famously known for their "Auto-Tune The News" and "Songify This" auto-tuned parodies of news reports and other pop culture media making its ways around the web. They also make their own music. In the process of the Auto-Tune The News series they have developed several characters (such as the ever lovable Angry Gorilla). Their latest video has very little auto-tuning and is an original song for a character they made, "Junkie Einstein", how seems to be running a Republican candidate for presidency. So that's the video that has me smiling this week. I'm not going into views and subscriber stats with this one, because they're so popular it will be yesterday's news before I even finish posting this.

Legalize Everything - Einstein 2012