ReGeneration begins this Monday!

This Monday, February 20th, at 8:00 PM EST, a project long in the making begins. ReGeneration, a fictional story I envisioned with the help of some friends, finally sees the light of day. We've been working on this way over a year now. It's a weekly story set in 2022. It's made up of 10 chapters. Each chapter is split into 3 parts. Every Monday we will post a part of a chapter to the website, So that means this will last 30 weeks. Keep in mind, those 30 weeks are just "volume 1". We have at least 3 "volumes" planned and I've started writing for volume 2 right now.

We went full out on this. I've been writing the story with input from my fellow collaborators and we realized this is a bigger universe than just the main story. We're always coming up with ideas of what other things may happen to certain characters, or events in the universe, and we want to be able to provide a way to explore that in the future. We also want to tell the story without having to drag on back stories and other character information that will make the story too long and other people might find unnecessary and slow it down. With this in mind, we created a Wiki for the creators to edit. With that Wiki we will update it week after week, further delving into character information, back stories, and other things for those who want to learn more to get a better understanding of everything we've created. it also gives us a way to create future stories we're talking about among ourselves that might not follow the main story, or even part of a story we may have cut from the website but felt it interesting or important enough to include it on the Wiki. Each post on the website will have links on specific names and terms, displayed in red text, bringing you to the Wiki page to learn more.

A big part of this production began on DeviantArt and we wish to continue with that. Our DeviantArt group will feature art created by the people who are working on the project or fan submitted artwork. We will likely display any art on the Wiki or website to share how other people envision our characters and events, as we don't provide to much detail and leave things towards interpretation. We are curious to see what people come up with.

Finally, our Facebook Page is where you will mostly find interaction with the people involved in this project. We like answering questions and hearing from people on what they think of the story. Like the page and let us know what you think every week, and be sure to ask questions.

There's a lot more I could say about ReGeneration, but I'll wait until after it begins. If you like the story after Monday and think you will continue reading every week, be sure to share this with your friends! Invite friends to like the Facebook page, promote our DeviantArt page, and share our website through other social networking sites. If you're on Twitter, you can use the hashtag "#ReGenerationTheBlog" and we'll see it, and I'll personally answer questions I see with that tag. We could possibly begin a FAQ blog after each chapter and use questions from those tweets, so even if I don't get to them on Twitter, they could be answered later on by myself and others in the project. The continuation of the story could go on longer than we planned and could evolve into better things depending on the amount of people who read it. So check it out this Monday and if you like it, be sure to let others know about it! Hope to hear your comments next week!

If you want to get a head start, you can read the Introduction page on the website, or browse through our Wiki for more information.


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