Two BIG updates tomorrow. Well, around midnight tonight I will be posting the last video of the LPM8 set on YouTube, and soon after will release the set for download on MediaFire. I love how this one turned out and it is currently the longest set (until LPM: Revised is finished) that I have ever released. Besides LPM: Revised, these might be my last few mashups for a while so I can continue working on other things.

One of those things is a non-music related project I've been working on and talking about for a long time now. ReGeneration, a weekly fictional story posted in a blog-like fashion, will finally be shown to everyone tomorrow at 8pm EST. The first volume lasts for 30 weeks (so, until September), and I am currently writing up the second volume now. This is a story I've envisioned for a while and myself and the other writers who helped me with this really like the story and want to continue it. We really want people to read it and see what they think, so check it out tomorrow and if you like it share it with your friends and be sure to ask us any questions!