Deciding what to do next.

Trying to decide what music project that should be my focus right now. There's a remix contest going on at for a hip-hop mashup of a Linkin Park song. I might do that even though I've never made a hip-hop track before. I think my focus should be on one of my planned EPs. There's "Time" for Dead Night Sky which I'm redoing from scratch and that I started to work on ghost tracks for, and there's "Foundations: Volume 1" for me which I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with yet. Of course, there's also the "Insomnia" project I want to do (though I seem to be sleeping okay now so I have no need for it :P) and YouTube videos. So I have a few options. Probably best to do continue with Time since people are waiting for that one but it will honestly likely be the longest to complete.