LPM: Revised

Well, it's been long in the making, but it's finally available. The behemoth of a set, LPM: Revised is filled with 22 mashups that are of multiple variations of old mashups from LPMashup (2006) and LPMashup 2 (2009), as well as one track from a mashup on LPM6 (2011). This set includes remade mashups from those sets but also some of the originals. It is essentially replacing the two original sets but they will still be up for download if you wish. I really enjoyed making this and listening to the many different mashups I can make with pretty much 2 songs. It is amazing because each of those mashups turns into a completely different song on its own so while there are many mashups using a different part of one song, it really turns into 22 different tracks and sounds like a complete album, in my opinion. This is the longest set I've ever made and probably will ever make in regards to mashups so this is a really big release as far as my mashups go. You can listen to the last video of the series and download the set below. Keep in mind I'll be taking a break from mashups for a while so hopefully this long set, along with the recently released LPM8, will make up for the hiatus. Enjoy!

Linkin Park vs. Craig Armstrong (Version 2)

Download "LPM: Revised" by clicking the image!