Lyrics and Stuff

I'm working on lyrics and some other stuff here and there. I've got other things on my mind and ReGeneration is taking up most of the free time I used to use on music so I don't expect to have stuff done soon, but I think I'm more focusing on stuff to use for YouTube for both my own and Dead Night Sky's channel. So right now I'm working on lyrics for a song that's currently titled "White". I'll likely be changing that title to "Carousel". When I'm happy with the lyrics I might upload an acoustic video with myself singing (yikes...) for my own channel. I'm also working a little bit at a time on some backing tracks to use for recordings / videos so hopefully over the summer I'll have more videos. I'm also hoping some of the other Dead Night Sky members will have some new stuff to share that we can all contribute on. I was told some of them are working on stuff so hopefully there will be more content this summer.

White [Working Title] - Dead Night Sky