Outkast vs. Skrillex

Back during 7emix, I was excited to release my favourite mashup from the set, "Outkast vs. Skrillex". Unfortunately, as soon as I uploaded the video it was immediately blocked worldwide by WMG. I was a little surprised because I've got notified that my videos contain copyright material all the time but very rarely do they get blocked. No big deal, though. Shit happens. And I completely understand when there's a copyright issue and I follow what the holders wish. They do own the music, after all. But to my delight today I noticed that the video was actually playing. I checked the notice and now the video is allowed everywhere... except the United States. I believe most of my followers are Canadian so chances are if you're reading this you can view the video below. If not, sorry but it's out of my hands. Instead, you can download the entire "7emix" set to listen to the mashup.