About "Foundations: Vol. 1"

I've decided what to focus on just because it will be the simplest thing to work on and easier to complete. It's my own EP titled "Foundations: Vol. 1" and I hope to work on it over the summer break. It's going to be a 5 track download with one of the songs already finished.


The reason why it's "Volume 1" is because this will hopefully be a continuation of me attempting to complete songs I've made originally for Dead Night Sky as a complete album (then planned to be titled "Eloquent Contradiction"). Obviously, if that's going to happen it won't be for a long time so rather than wait until that miracle day where I get a full band and studio time, I'll just be doing the best I can with a few songs at a time. So I chose four songs I would like to focus on for this EP that will take after the "Wicked Pickles" style that you already know and then ending on "Dream" because I don't know when I'm going to continue work on "Insomnia" and rather just have that song available sooner than have you wait for who knows how long to download it as an album. The four songs are that hard rock style you know me for but hopefully I'll be able to take advantage of Mixcraft and transform those songs or add something extra to them.

So what are the songs? If anything you probably have only heard one or two of them as a guitar demo on MySpace a long time ago. If not, they should all be new.
  1. SFTC (Instrumental Demo)
    Originally short for "song for the crowd". I felt this was the perfect intro song to choose.
  2. Don't Forget Me (Instrumental Demo)
    I might provide slight vocals for the chorus of this song.
  3. Break (Instrumental Demo)
    This is actually the latest song I've created and I'm still not sure what I'm going to do with it.
  4. I'm Afraid of Flying
    This is actually never meant to be a Dead Night Sky song and is meant to be completely instrumental, so if it turns out perfectly this will actually be the official release of this song. This is a little different from the songs. I actually think I might have posted a video of me playing this on Facebook at one point.
  5. Dream
    This will feel like it doesn't belong on the EP the point is to showcase what is to come in the future and what I like to do. Considering I don't want to be expected to create songs that are consistent to my last and be limited by a single genre, I kind of feel it necessary to include this song.
I actually have a cover already made for this release.

 Foundations: Vol. 1 Cover

There is still no release date but I plan to have it done sometime this summer. My plan is instead of recording a live, half-decent drum set in a poor room for recording with only one good microphone, I'm going to test out some programs for my PC which let me use Rock Band and Guitar Hero drum sets as midi controllers so that I can easily edit drum tracks to my liking after I have my brother play them while I record. After that I'll include the bass tracks I've been working on through Mixcraft (or other additional instruments or sounds) and then lay my guitar on top of all of that. I only have four songs to worry about and I don't need vocals for them so hopefully this won't cause me too much stress and will be done quickly.

As far as where you can expect to get it, it will be available on my own BandCamp account (to be linked later) and will be available as a "pay what you want" option, which means you can still get it for free if you like. I don't like the idea of forcing people to pay for music so you can expect any music I make to be free. If you want it as a physical copy I might make that available through Dead Night Sky's ReverbNation store.

If you can't wait for the EP, I will hopefully be making acoustic videos for YouTube. I'll be getting to work on all that stuff next month so look for it after then!