April Fools / Regret Anniversary

Today marks the anniversary of the first full instrumental song for Dead Night Sky was made available online. "Regret [April Fool's Instrumental Mix]" (first titled "Regret [April Fool's MMM Mix]") would later be put on an EP titled "Wicked Pickles!" that basically was the starting point for us. Wicked Pickles was just an experiment for me to see what my songs would sound like with other instruments. I'm going to try over the summer to start work on a new EP titled "Time" that will sound like an actual EP and have vocals this time around. More recently, I've posted updated versions of Regret online. There's a demo on ReverbNation and a video on YouTube. All the links to everything I mentioned above are listed below. Enjoy your April Fools Day!
(ps, don't take anything I say on Facebook today seriously *wink*).

Download the Wicked Pickles! Instrumental EP for FREE!

Regret (Session)

Pat Sings Regret (Kind of)