Possible New Ongoing Thing: Photo Scavenger Hunt

I was bored earlier today at my college so a random thought came to my head. I immediately went to Facebook and Twitter and asked people to suggest things for me to find at the college that I could take a picture of and post online. I thought of it like a kind of scavenger hunt, imagining what kind of ridiculous photos people might suggest. Unfortunately, I caught the Internet at a slow time because nobody seemed to be alive on Facebook and there was barely any activity from my Twitter followers at the time. By the time I did get a suggestion it was later in the day.

This idea still kind of intrigues me and I think it might be fun. Whenever I'm out if I can actually find that exact photo someone is suggesting wherever I am would be a fun challenge. The suggestion I got today was a ladder. I'm going to try and find one tomorrow (if you know the college I go to and you go there and know where I can find a ladder, let me know!). That's probably the simplest of suggestions I can think of right now. I want bigger challenges. Maybe if I'm able to find a broken light fixture in the halls. Maybe try to take a picture of someone as they're about to sneeze. I don't know, be as detailed as you want and I'll try to see which ones I can actually accomplish. If I get enough of these I'll treat it as an ongoing thing not only on Twitter but on here on my website and I'll post all the challenges here. If you have me on Facebook (only people I know personally, unless you're posting on my official page) you can also suggest stuff, but you could also reach me on twitter (@PostwarOrphan).

I look forward to your challenges!