Scavenger Hunt Challenge #1

So I got some good suggestions today and had a lot of fun searching for these, so I've decided I'm going to continue doing this. Today I was at the college for most of the day and one of my friends caught this suggestion for a game I wanted to play yesterday but only later that night when I was at home and getting sleepy watching Iron Man in preparation for The Avengers. But that's another story that you don't care about. So her suggestion was pretty cool so I brought it up again. She suggested I search for a ladder. In case I couldn't find it, I asked other people to suggest pictures. Guess what: I found all three suggestions! Granted, I was fairly busy today so I didn't have the leisure of just randomly roaming the halls like yesterday so the pictures are not that great, but the suggestions were clever and I thought it was amazing that I actually came across all of them. Here they are!

#1 - A ladder

So in the morning I was on the upper levels of the college when i was posting about this. I've got some suggestions on how to find the ladder. It was mentioned that maintenance is in the basement so that's where I'll likely find one. Fortunately, a group of mine preparing for a presentation were looking for rooms where we could practice in but every room was full. One member suggested that a room in the basement might be empty and unlocked which was true. This spot was actually empty when I first got there, with two of the janitorial staff standing around (giving me weird looks as I walked around the hallways where there are no classrooms). I occasionally left our room to get a drink of water. I noticed the "Caution" signs on my second or third trip (I get thirsty a lot) and after when I had a little free time I decided to see what was going on. There was a new guy looking at a leak in the ceiling and walking away. I immediately thought that he's probably going to get a ladder. So I awkwardly stood by against the wall pretending to text as I took this picture.

#2 - A Stuffed AnimalCOMPLETED!

So the same friend gave me a suggestion after I posted the first one that I thought for sure wold be impossible. I had no clue where I would find a stuffed animal. Luckily, while walking by to a vending machine I caught my eye on this stuffed pig through an open office door. This one was tricky to get because there was somebody in this room and I didn't want to seem creepy, so I took it from afar and zoomed in, hence why it is so blurry.

#3 - A Riding Lawnmower

The second suggestion I got early in the morning was a riding lawnmower. I thought this might be a challenge because I wasn't sure who handled the grass at the college and if it was on certain days or not. The grass actually looked like it was just cut. It was suggestion I head to where landscaping and horticulture was, however I was outside my classroom preparing and waiting for a presentation I had to give. I looked outside and I couldn't believe I saw someone using a riding lawnmower for very far away. I got out of the building and took the best picture I could make out under that sunlight which was impossible to see on the screen. I would've went closer and tried to grab a better photo but I was in a hurry.

So there you have it. I'm quite impressed I found all these because I thought they were all going to be challenging but I lucked out at being at the right places at the right time. I will likely do this again as I had fun trying to think of where to find these pictures and looking for them and I like that people were suggesting and helping me out, both online and the people with me. If I do this again I will announce it on my personal Facebook account but if I'm not friends with you there I will also announce it on Twitter where I will post the photos as I take them. So be on the lookout because I'll announce where I am if I'm doing this again so that you can think of challenges for me. This is a pretty fun game and I would suggest playing it with your friends if you want to try it out.

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