YouTube videos #2

I've got a few things for you today. I'll got a lot to do so I'm gonna try and keep it short for you. First of all, some comedy music as this stuff is usually my favourite music from YouTube.


"I CAN SWING MY SWORD! (Minecraft Song)" by Tobuscus

"Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time Song - Rhett & Link"

So all three of the channels above I've been following for a while (other than Rhett & Link which I've recently discovered). I discovered Roomie because they're usually covering the Auto-Tune The News songs from The Gregory Brothers. I know Tobuscus has been around and been popular for a long time but I actually found about him from a clip from his earlier "Literal Trailers" that they showed on a segment called "Around The Net" on the show "Attack of the Show". If you're looking for something more serious, the artist for the video below actually started following Dead Night Sky on ReverbNation and Twitter and sent us some messages on both. I always follow musicians back that follow us so I checked out his stuff and found his YouTube channel. Here's his latest video.

"Gone (Original Song)" by Ian David