Birthday Update

Today (well, technically yesterday because it's midnight) is my birthday, so I thought I'd give a small update to keep you up to date with what I'm doing. We recorded drums for one of the tracks on Foundations. I still need to edit it, though. I don't want to get into the details, but this particular track will probably take a while to edit. Hopefully we can get more recordings done soon. Next, the conclusion to chapter 4 of ReGeneration will be online tomorrow (Monday) at 8pm EST. Glancing through this chapter one last time I realize this is where writing was tough for us at the time due to how busy they are. There is less description and a lot more dialogue. Of course, writing like that is usually temporary but after it was all read, edited, and reviewed we got enough approvals from the editing group so it was considered ready to be posted. I might talk about this in the upcoming podcast, which will not be posted on Monday. We've been busy and didn't have time to record one on time but that is fine with us because we've been discussing changing the date of the podcast to Fridays from now on. This gives you time to read the entire chapter before it is released and still ask questions if you want for us to discuss, and because it's a few days later we can post it on the front page since most of our traffic occurs on Mondays which means if there's new visitors to the site, they'll most likely be looking for the latest podcast rather than the latest post. Hopefully this works out for the better.

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