New Music Preview

As you know, I've been working on my new EP, "Foundations: Vol. 1". I've been spending a particularly large amount of the time working on the first track, "SFTC". The reason behind that was I wasn't too happy with the intro I had for it before back when I first made the song. I thought it was cool when I first did it but I thought it needed to be revamped for the EP. Now that I'm experimenting with adding strings and electronic sounds to my music, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to play around with my intro. Listening to it in my head, I could imagine a repetitive synth bass line with electronics beeps layered. Sure enough, that's where I started. I kind of built from there and have been touching it up ever since. It's still not done, but I thought that it's still pretty cool at the point it's at right now so I thought I'd share it before I record the guitar track over it and edit it some more. You can check it out below. It will also be featured on my MySpace until the song is complete and I replace it. This is the first preview of new music from me for Foundations (other than "Dream") and I'm not sure if I plan on sharing more so enjoy and let me know what you think!

SFTC's Intro Progress Click the play button to listen!