The Deep End

So I just checked both my PC and my laptop. I definitely lost the entire track I was working on for the song "Don't Forget Me", which was the first song we recorded drums and that I finished a bass track for when starting work on Foundations: Vol. 1. The original track must have been on my hard drive that failed. So I'm definitely going to have to create that from scratch again. In the mean time, SFTC is sounding to me so far. I've looped beats my brother recorded over the backing track I made so I just gotta change the strings on my guitar, figure out what's wrong with the sound driver on my PC with my M-Audio device, figure out why Pro Tools no longer wants to work on my PC, set the right settings on my Boss GT8 pedal and effects on Pro Tools and/or Mixcraft and record the guitar track. Before that, I'll be working on the backing tracks for the other songs which I'm starting now. I decided to save Don't Forget Me until the end and begin work on "Break", which is a song I've never shared before and likely won't until the EP is finished. Break will be a fun song and hopefully will be a future Dead Night Sky song.

I was also playing around with some songs today and started playing something new. It sounded really cool to me so, like I always do when I start a new song, decided how I wanted the entire song to go. It's going to be a really long song and sound a little dark. It's temporarily called "The Deep End". For now, the plan is to include it on "Time" for Dead Night Sky, but I'm not exactly sure what's gonna happen yet.