New Untitled Acoustic Project

I'm considering doing either an acoustic, or just a generally lighter version of my songs that should be easy record and complete than my other projects. The main issue I have is that the songs aren't meant for acoustic and I'm not much of a singer. I mean, I have been honing my skills over the years getting those 5 star scores on expert vocals for Rock Band and Guitar Hero games, but other than that I'm usually hesitant recording my vocals especially since I've recorded them once or twice and shared them and got some interesting comments on those recordings.

Never the less, for those who are just sick of waiting (ie, me) for a new release this may be the easiest route other than Foundations: Vol. 1, which, while hitting some road blocks, is making a little stride and only four tracks are needed. However, those are 4 instrumental tracks that have nothing to do with this project. These songs all have lyrics (some aren't 100% complete yet) and are all intended to be Dead Night Sky releases at some point. The thing is, I really want to show these songs off and rather than wait until I'm able to perfect the recordings of each and post it as one release, I figured the easier solution was to do quick demos of each of them with instruments that don't take up too much stress for me (like drums).

I'm going to be getting back together working on music with Pat for Dead Night Sky so hopefully I can get him to help me finish my lyrics. Each of the songs play slightly different on acoustic/clean guitar than they do in their final versions so hopefully this will be interesting to listen to. If this does see the light of day, you can expect it as a free download on MY BandCamp (not posted anywhere yet). This WILL NOT be a Dead Night Sky release! You can find current info on the project in the Discography page from the Uncertain Sound section of the music tab on this website.