Unfortunate Situations

So last week my external HDD failed. If you want the complete details, I actually made a forum post on Western Digital's support board. Now, I usually back up everything on my computers... except for that drive. Reason being, I take priority for what to back up. Family photos, music (a big portion of which is hard to find now), and documents are the most important stuff for me. My 500GB HDD was basically an extension to hold extra stuff for my laptop which only has a measly 120GB HDD and is basically full. Since I use my laptop for pretty much everything, a lot of my projects were on that disk, and I never thought to back up an external drive that I use for extra stuff I do on my spare time.

So, long story short, I lost a bunch of music I was working on and ALL mashup material. Everything is gone. I've downloaded some instrumentals, acapellas, and multi-tracks right after it happened but I had such a large collection (songs I had recently added, too) that I can't possibly remember everything I had. So I'm going to have to rebuild it. If anyone knows any good websites for that stuff let me know.

As far as my music, I think I might have lost the track for "Don't Forget Me" for the Foundations EP, but I definitely lost the drums for "SFTC". So today, we recorded the drums again. I think this time turned out better, but last time I had almost finished editing the track and now I have to do it all over again. So there's a small bump in the road right now. For Dead Night Sky, my stuff is still on hold but it turns out that everyone might still be around during the summer so maybe I'll be able to start work and record vocals with the other members if I can. No promises, though. Of course, if anyone else ever needs help with something I'll always be on board to help them out. unfortunately, I still haven't heard anything. Videos... I have no updates for now. If you have suggestions for what you want to see, post a comment below or on Facebook or Twitter.